Our Quality Policy

Our Quality Policy

Güzelpınar, which presents the fastest, most reliable and highest quality water in the national and international standards to its customers, meets the expectations of the customers with its employees specialized in their field, by applying the latest scientific and technological developments, at the highest level, in a qualified and effective way.

Güzelpınar Water Group Of Companies, which observes the validity of ethical rules meticulously in all services, which considers human health and life more important than everything, which accepts the protection of the environment consisting of physical, biological and socio-cultural areas as a moral and social responsibility, continues its works in the global and local market with its participatory, creative and experienced staff complementing each other heartily. 

Güzelpınar Water Group Of Companies defines and implements statistical techniques by making product conformity, risk control measures and control prevention combinations valid, by providing the appropriateness of Quality and Food Safety Management System, and by assigning the system's effectiveness and continuous improvement methods with the data analysis process.

Within the structure of the firm, ways of validation of the risk control measures and combinations of preventions of the product conformity, the suitability of Quality and Food Safety Management System, the continuous improvement of the Quality and Food Safety Management System activity are being followed.

Our basic principles;

To guarantee our customers and our employees' health with high-quality production by producing products in accordance with the national and international standards within the rules of good manufacturing practice during production, 

To follow the innovations and developments in our production field just in time and to apply them, to upgrade our service quality continuously in order to best meet the expectations of our customers, to provide customer satisfaction,

Not to compromise on quality and food safety by observing the importance of human health while marketing our products in the most economical and appropriate conditions,

High quality production, 

Not to compromise on production in accordance with Food Safety Criteria, production in hygienic conditions, timely delivery and perfect service, 

To ensure continuous development and training of the personnel, 

To comply with the requirements of Quality and Food Safety Management System, and to continuously improve its effectiveness.


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