SINCE 1964...

Güzelpınar…. Long time tried change, trust and preference!

There is no possibility of contamination of the water of Güzelpınar, which takes its waters from the sources that provide spring water from Istanbul stereotypical forests to Istanbul since fifteen hundreds, because it is in the area of natural resource protection. Its location is rich in quartz stones. Quartz stones were scientifically proven to have high mineral values; therefore, Güzelpınar has been accepted to be a natural spring water with a high mineral value. 

Güzelpınar Spring Water Group Of Companies started its activities in Istanbul in 1964.

Özpınar Su, one of the Group's brands, has pioneered the industry for being one of the first packaged water of Turkey as well as putting up for sale with rotating glass bottles. 

The Group, which set up its second facility with the brand Güzelpınar in 1972, transports water to the consumers in the healthiest, highest quality and most economical way with the productions it makes in 17 kinds of packaging, in 13 different bottle formats including glasses, pet bottles, dispenser size water bottles, glass bottles and polycarbonate demijohn.

Güzelpınar, which started to be managed by representatives of the second generation at the end of 2007, continues to grow in the sector with its modern facilities in which the latest technology is used and a strong infrastructure.

Güzelpınar takes its spring waters from the stereotypical Forest, which is at the heart of İstanbul, carries them to the latest modern filling plants in Gaziosmanpaşa Sultançiftliği with 15 km of pipeline, and packages them here no-touch with automatic machines, by passing them through physical, chemical and microbiological tests in every stage of the production from the source to filling.


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