About the Water

About the Water


Three quarters of the World is water.
Water is always on the move on Earth, underground and in the atmosphere. This movement of water which transforms from ice to liquid form, from liquid form to vapor and from vapor to liquid for again shows continuousness. Water cycle has continued for millions of years, and life is based on it. Without water, there is no life!

Water is life itself to all living organisms. In the bodies of several animals and plants, up to a rate of 90 % of water can be contained. The plants take minerals necessary for themselves with water; it is water that enables photosynthesis. Like plants, animals and humans also continue their lives dependent on the water. 

Water with a drinkable quality in our world 70 percent of which is water, is unfortunately only 3 in ten thousand of this amount. As such is the case, 1.4 billion people that corresponds to approximately 20% of the world's population are devoid of sufficient drinking water, and 2, 3 billion people are devoid of healthy water. And still, unfortunately, about 25 thousand people are dying every day due to diseases caused by dirty water. 


Water is the source of human life. There is water in a rate of 60 -70 % in the human body. Water is necessary for the dissolution of nutrients as well as reactions that enable the nutrients to be burned up. 80% of blood is water. Blood enables nutrients and waste materials in the body to move. Humans can continue their lives if they lose half of the proteins, and all of the carbohydrates in their bodies; but the loss of 10% of the water causes big disturbances, and the loss of 20 % of it causes death. With its miraculous physical and chemical properties, water is the biggest source of vitality.


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