About Good Water

About Good Water


Good water, has a characteristic "sweet" taste. It has no other flavor and it is odorless. It is light. It is rarely found. It can easily be heated up, and it can easily be cooled down. It does not stay in the stomach for a long time. Good water is the water that possesses the minerals necessary for human life and body.

Good water is natural spring water. Due to the fact that it is taken from its source and then bottled, it only possesses natural taste and smell, and it maintains its purity and cleanliness. Tap waters contain a different taste and smell because they cover a long distance, and hence are subject to chlorination and disinfection against pollution that generates on various surfaces. 


Güzelpınar Water is the natural spring water whose source is in a natural protection area, which has beneficial effects on human health especially such as fluoride and which contains rich minerals that need to be taken. 

Güzelpınar Water is a “good” water whose source is in stereotypical Forests of Istanbul, which has been tried for hundreds of years and drunk with pleasure. 

Güzelpınar Water is fed and takes minerals from the layers which are rich in quartz. The quality of its waters also comes from these minerals it receives.


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